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Holla peepz! It’s been a while I wrote a movie review. So, this movie I want to talk about; I saw the trailer first when I went to see the movie I had my first review of and since then, I fell in love with it and have been looking forward to it. Yes! I am a sucker for Nigerian movies in the cinemas… weird… I know, but if I don’t support my own, who will? Lol.
Fifty. Let’s talk about the age first, and then we’ll move to the movie. A lecturer once followed a trend In class; of how we are so excited to grow up that even when we are 13, we say… we are GONNA BE 16, then we BECOME 21, TURN 30, PUSH 40, REACH 50 and your dreams are gone, then we MAKE IT TO 60, HIT 70… After which it’s a day-by-day thing, then we GET INTO our 80’s and every day is a complete cycle, where you HIT lunch! Into the 90s, you start going backwards, like “I Was JUST 92”. Then it eventually happens… you MAKE IT OVER 100! You become a little kid again, “I’m 100 and a half!”. You start thinking in fractions like you did when you were under 10. Isn’t life and ageing – or growing up, like some would say – not sooo funny? The whole point of this story is that REACHING 50 is an important landmark in life and a phase that comes with different challenges. It’s a big deal, not overrated.

Fifty is no child’s play… We mean business!
The movie started out intriguing and there were 4 major fifty characters. One, who was already 50, the hot-rich-obstetrician and gynecologist – Ireti Doyle as Elizabeth – who has this “hotter young boyfriend” and an “almost” impossible daughter (that is by the way because, in her way of hooking up with younger men, her daughter caught her in the “very act” with her boyfriend; yeah, it wasn’t a pleasant sight. Imagine walking in on your mom on her knees having sex with your boyfriend…). Then, the workaholic – Omoni Oboli as Maria – who turned 50, has nothing much going in her life and was having an affair with her friend’s husband. 

There is also the eccentric one – Dakore Akande as Tola, turning 50 too soon – with underlying family and psychological issues and still put up a façade for the world to see and believe; while she rots inside with her mums “help”… (by the way, she is the one whose husband is been slept with by a friend, while she blames another friend and she has a son for her father… amazing, isn’t it?). And finally, there is the one in denial – Nse Ikpe Etim as Kate – who thinks God is unhappy with her and spends all her life in the “house of the Lord”, while her own house crumble under her feet… earnestly praying for healing without her husband knowledge of her troubles (and she was the gullible one been accused falsely of cheating with her friend’s husband… sad, Isn’t it?).

A scene with RFT, the falsely accused friend and the estranged Husband
Ok, I have like summarized the whole point of the movie but it would be great if you see it, ‘cause it relates to what women in different levels and phases of life go through at the golden age of 50 – reminds me of “Lagos Cougars”, another must see movie.

What I loved about the movie; it was realistic, although not to the end (I don’t think a 50 year old in Nigeria would want to blow out her 50th birthday cake candle in a night club… maybe the trend is changing though)… the beginning was intriguing and captivating, I anticipated a whole lot more fascinating ending. My best character was Ireti Doyle; she acted like she was 50, her level of friendship with her friends is #Goals and the way she switches between her Yoruba, Pidgin and English… that was epic! And the best part was when she was signing an autograph for the lady that “would be 23 in like 10 months away” and she gave that cute sarcastic answer. I also loved the King Sunny Ade, Nneka, Aunty Tiwa and Waje’s part.

Shades of glamour and class…
What I didn’t quite enjoy was the too emotional Nse Ikpe-Etim, the gambling part of her husband and their bankruptcy story – I didn’t so get the thread of that story line. The over dramatic RFT – Rich and Fabulous Tola and her totally “unturned” abuse story, also the “almost to the end” story line between her husband and her friend – the signal it’s meant to pass… I don’t quite go along with it; it has an undertone of getting away with adultery #MyOpinion.

In all, I liked or rather, lurrh’d the movie! I enjoyed it and it is a classic – to me – and I would rate it, a 7.5 over 10 (that’s a distinction) Good work Ms. Producer and story/script writer. Keep it up!

…when you are beautiful and you know it…
That would be all for now… Remember to enjoy every day as you grow old, ‘cause you can never go back to been 21or 50 and you only live once.
Oluwakemisola A.

January 2016


A “Road to yesterday” from today…

Hellooo everyone! it’s been a while on here… but then I saw this beautiful movie late lst year (I know its a late post… I am sorry… better late than never) and I think I owe you all sharing it with you.

My bunkmate is a stalker for movie trailer, so she came across the trailer for “Road To Yesterday” and since then we have been counting down to its release and showing at the cinemas. On the first Friday In December, we decided to go and see it as a late night movie at the cinema. It was scheduled for 12:20 am. So we got ourselves together, four of us and made our way to the cinema to see the “Road to yesterday”.

The beautiful couple in the story

I personally had a lot of expectations from the movie, although it was a Nigerian movie by one of our best, I still left a space of disappointment in the picture, just in case with all the trailer and hype, it turns out to be one of the numerous “Nollywood Typical Nigerian Movie” lol.

The movie started with our damsel, Genevieve, coming out of the airport and been picked up by a friend to drop her home. Only to get home to a husband in a depressed and agitated mood, drinking heavily in darkness. This made the friend uncomfortable, leaving the wife and the husband in their home to deal with themselves, their problems and sort out their differences…

pic of hubby nd wife
The differentiated couple…lol (if there is anything like that…) 

For more than 95% of the movie, we were laughing and making jokes of it all but the last five minutes was epic! We or rather, “I” didn’t believe the turn of event (really, it was shocking.. I dint esperit… ). It took us all by surprise and all I could yell was “I can’t believe I just paid my money to watch a sad movie”… it was so sad, and the change was too drastic (they didn’t even gimme the chance to prepare my mind for the outcome…it just came in like a wrecking ball!). If not anything, this was one Nigerian movie I didn’t or couldn’t foresee or predict the end.


What I liked most about this movie, was the way the present, the past, hallucinations and imaginations were put to play, interwoven and at the end, it still all made sense. I could easily connect the dots, fuel my imaginations and decide on what I wanted to believe or not, with the fact and only message been passed across… “TALK!!!” and do the talking now! to anyone who deserves to be talked to or given an explanation… please do it asap… Never ever move till tomorrow what is to be discussed today; you might not get to see yourselves again tomorrow.

One family…


The picture quality at the beginning for me was shaky, but later on they got their balance and for the first time, our movie was captured from the sky! The acting was superb; the story line was intriguing and unusually captivating, the production was of good quality. Sounds were clear, soundtrack perfect. In my opinion I think this awesome movie deserves a 9/10 (Good job aunty ‘vieve and the entire crew…except for the tragic end).

The sad eventuality…


And before I go again, let me give a kudos to the producer(s) and actors. I believe this is the first of its kind in Nigeria and we are getting there, far past the level we are known to.

Finally, always remember that the Road to Yesterday does not exist, only a Road to Tomorrow from today does. Never push to today or tomorrow what could have been done or handled yesterday.

Have a nice day and beautiful week.

Oluwakemisola A.

photo credit: All sources from google.