Lé Epic Jehovah

Lé Epic Jehovah (My God who is EPIC!)

Recently, I have learnt and thought about new names for God.
God has been revealing himself to me in different ways and dimensions, that I just had to find a way of expressing his Greatness. That led to this…

Jehovah Le Epic: My God who is Epic in all His ramification, awesomeness and magnificence.
You might think you know the word “epic”, but I would want you to check again and say… JEHOVAH LE EPIC!

Omnipotent: These are old names I think are almost going out of trend but it ever means, “My God who is potent in all ways and all things”, hence HE can do *all* things.

Omniscience: My God who knoweth all, understands all and can explain all….Think about it.

Omnipresent: My God who is present in all place at all times, interesting, isn’t it? But as He is with you in your room, so He also is in the farthest of continents 😊 Mysterious God!

Before the Beginning and After the End God: What we mostly know God as is the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega. But recently I learnt that, that is putting God Almighty in the restriction of time frame. Yes, So I turned it over in my heart; HE was before the beginning and HE would be after the End.

Better still He is Immortal, Invisible, Everlasting…

Oluwakemisola A.


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