I see you along the alley speaking with and caressing another,
Immediately, I unsee.
I see you cheating on our beloved…
I see you showering love on her instead of me,
I unsee immediately to avoid complications.
I see your chat with him snitching on me,
Immediately, I unsee.
I see your messages to her gossiping about me,
I smile and I unsee.
I see you taking out mine,
I quietly unlook.

I see you hailing me, hear you praising my deeds.
I unsee and unhear immediately,
I do not let it get to my head,
Or let it interrupt my train of thoughts,
So, I move on.

In life, we see, hear, think and know a whole lot,
But most times, its best to keep it to ourselves and “un”-do;
Unsee, unhear, unthink, unpercieve… even unknow.unnamed-1-1-740x431

Because the more you see the less you know,
The more you look, the less you think
So unsee whatever can make you gloomy or takes away your peace and calm.
The more you hear, the more to think about
And the more you think, the more the problems created.
Avoid giving yourself unnecessary trouble.
Immediately unlook things that can make you sad.

Be like me, be smart,
Increase your happiness space
Step up your unlooking game
‘Cause at the end… its but a game.

Oluwakemisola A.

14.3.16 (All photo credit to bing)


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