Go over this…
Its all about “I”

I smile at every little thing,
Both funny and unfunny.
I see sense in every vague thing
Both nonsense and intelligence

I think of the oddest little things
Take note of the tiny little details
I laugh so hard
So I don’t cry

I reflect and meditate so deep
So I don’t weep
I hug so tight
I let the stress out
I hug for so long
I shed tears silently; biting my tongue.

I am not a racist or a sexist
You could call me a narcissist or an extremist
My life is more than just a pot of beans.

It all almost doesn’t make sense
But it does to me.

Doesn’t make sense.
Now, start from the bottom.arrows-up-down-green.jpg

Good night
00;05 15-5-16
Oluwakemisola A.


3 thoughts on “GO OVER THIS…”

  1. Reading from d bottom gave me more inner peace, Thnks kemi, i love wat you do, God bless you more 😍😍😍😍😍 Am proud dt i knw you

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