Wandering and Wondering but not Lost

Wonder… desire to know something; feeling curious… feeling of amusement and admiration for something beautiful, remarkable or unfamiliar… feel of doubt… fascination

Ponder… wonder

Wander… moving or walking leisurely or aimlessly with no particular direction from a place… ramble… stray…

Pander… indulge

Lost … unable to find one’s way or knowing one’s whereabouts, something can’t be recovered… bygone, vanished, forgotten, unremembered, astray, off track/course, disoriented

Lust… strong desire for… freedom, life, peace, eternity

Wanderlust… strong desire to wander or travel and explore the world

Wonder lust… is for people who want to continue learning throughout their lives… capturing enduring fascination with boundless beauty and unpredictability of all natures’ mysteries; leaving us to seek out new meaningful experience… an imaginary travel style that goes beyond…

Wonder lost… wandering the world through curious eyes… lost in wonder… the desire to see, do and be more…

Wanderlost… lost while wandering away, cannot find the way back or forth…

Wander land… Found in music, festival, art, the mind, where you find calm in…

Wonderland… a place of fantasy

Fancy… to take pleasure in something; feel a desire or liking for or attraction, imagination

Fantasy… the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable thing…


I wonder about the world
I wander across the world
Knowing where I started from,
But not sure or maybe sure where I am headed.

I am not lost, neither am I hopeless
But I lust for freedom, life and peace
I am in my wonder land
Passing through my wander land

I am lost in wonder and not lust in wander.
I wonder while I wander in the world
Wondering; there is a better place ahead
Wandering to get to the place ahead

I stray but not astray.
I wonder in wander.
I fancy my fantasy of my wonderlands
And enjoy my gazing through my wanderland.

I can be wonder lost but not wander lost
I live daily in wonderlust,
Filling it up with my wanderlust.
I wonder but not lost,
I wander and lust but still not lost.

I have hope; I wonder why,
I have faith; I wonder why,
Mercy and grace abound,
Still I wander…
With the hope and peace to be back home someday
Or end up in a better home one day…

Inspired by and dedicated to a Baby, lover, sister and friend…
(I ponder and I wonder as I pander and I wander… )
… Not all those who wander are lost…
… Nyero O.O. 15/4/16

Oluwakemisola A.



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