A “Road to yesterday” from today…

Hellooo everyone! it’s been a while on here… but then I saw this beautiful movie late lst year (I know its a late post… I am sorry… better late than never) and I think I owe you all sharing it with you.

My bunkmate is a stalker for movie trailer, so she came across the trailer for “Road To Yesterday” and since then we have been counting down to its release and showing at the cinemas. On the first Friday In December, we decided to go and see it as a late night movie at the cinema. It was scheduled for 12:20 am. So we got ourselves together, four of us and made our way to the cinema to see the “Road to yesterday”.

The beautiful couple in the story

I personally had a lot of expectations from the movie, although it was a Nigerian movie by one of our best, I still left a space of disappointment in the picture, just in case with all the trailer and hype, it turns out to be one of the numerous “Nollywood Typical Nigerian Movie” lol.

The movie started with our damsel, Genevieve, coming out of the airport and been picked up by a friend to drop her home. Only to get home to a husband in a depressed and agitated mood, drinking heavily in darkness. This made the friend uncomfortable, leaving the wife and the husband in their home to deal with themselves, their problems and sort out their differences…

pic of hubby nd wife
The differentiated couple…lol (if there is anything like that…) 

For more than 95% of the movie, we were laughing and making jokes of it all but the last five minutes was epic! We or rather, “I” didn’t believe the turn of event (really, it was shocking.. I dint esperit… ). It took us all by surprise and all I could yell was “I can’t believe I just paid my money to watch a sad movie”… it was so sad, and the change was too drastic (they didn’t even gimme the chance to prepare my mind for the outcome…it just came in like a wrecking ball!). If not anything, this was one Nigerian movie I didn’t or couldn’t foresee or predict the end.


What I liked most about this movie, was the way the present, the past, hallucinations and imaginations were put to play, interwoven and at the end, it still all made sense. I could easily connect the dots, fuel my imaginations and decide on what I wanted to believe or not, with the fact and only message been passed across… “TALK!!!” and do the talking now! to anyone who deserves to be talked to or given an explanation… please do it asap… Never ever move till tomorrow what is to be discussed today; you might not get to see yourselves again tomorrow.

One family…


The picture quality at the beginning for me was shaky, but later on they got their balance and for the first time, our movie was captured from the sky! The acting was superb; the story line was intriguing and unusually captivating, the production was of good quality. Sounds were clear, soundtrack perfect. In my opinion I think this awesome movie deserves a 9/10 (Good job aunty ‘vieve and the entire crew…except for the tragic end).

The sad eventuality…


And before I go again, let me give a kudos to the producer(s) and actors. I believe this is the first of its kind in Nigeria and we are getting there, far past the level we are known to.

Finally, always remember that the Road to Yesterday does not exist, only a Road to Tomorrow from today does. Never push to today or tomorrow what could have been done or handled yesterday.

Have a nice day and beautiful week.

Oluwakemisola A.

photo credit: All sources from google.






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