My 2015 journey… it’s been fun all the way

Sometime last year, I ran for the post of welfare secretary in my association AMSUL. Although I didn’t win (lost to a senior colleague, more politically oriented by less than 30 votes) but in disguise was a bundle of blessing, promotion and more for me.

Campaign pictures


So, my journey to this year stated from last year December on my trip to Calabar with beberhymes. There, I met a lot of people (people that taught me, sharpened me and made me see the world), I saw and learnt a lot of things. It was there I knew I could do anything, provided I wanted to, ‘cause I did a manifesto for a “stranger turn friend and sister”, without even knowing her or anything about the post I was running for her for. And taadaa!! I won, she won.

Calabar, Tinapa!! wit beberhmes and de

This year started with me preparing for exams in school (life is hard but med school is harder… but we thank God), writing budgets, preparing and setting up committees. 2015 turned out to be the busiest year of my life so far. I really got involved in a whole lot of things, things I could not even think of in my wildest dreams. I went to places I never thought I would be, met people I didn’t think I would meet, I worked with a whole lot of different people of different hierarchy of life and professionality.



I believe I became a better person. A person that could be stretched to her highest threshold and still function maximally. I became a stronger person, in will and in power. I met wonderful people. By the way, I got older too #sadsmile. I made my own connect, decision and plans. I also made mistakes and learnt from them 1st hand. I learnt political, organisations and planning ethics from the masters. I got to places I never thought I would go to or even enter, I stood before kings.


Along the line, my professional exam results came out and amazingly, I PASSED! In all my travels, rigours and not been totally in school. God still showed me mercy and grace and I did not fail in any of my courses or endeavours, although all might not have turned out the exact way I planned but it all went well. For this, I bless God.IMG_20150410_234211

Na Baba Loke

I was able to touch lives this year, with the help of amazing committee members, NiMSA Excos and members, friends, roommates and family. It was wonderful working with them all. I knew my strength and found my weaknesses. I did everything I had to do and became anything I had to become to make any of my programs a success, lol, literarily anything. I was a MC, a coordinator, a caterer, a cleaner, a marketer, a waitress, an usher, a PA, an errand girl and all sorts, just to get all things running and functioning…. Good, sweet, old memories. It was fun, all the way. I found out those I could trust with anything, who my real friends and helpers were. At the end, I found out nothing surpasses family. My sister was awesome towards the end of this year.

#IStand walk with QC students
sandra gee 20150628_112248
SandraGee giving prize to students
NIMSA GA'15 Committee 20150912_072354
NiMSA NEC Meeting2015

Thanks to the 2015 NiMSA Excos, I also have sweet memories of travels round Nigeria and beyond. Days when we spent the night on the road (a lot on Benin-Ore road), night journeys that became morning journeys. Journeys that lead to destinations of better things ahead #smile. Days of late night movies and awesome daylight movies. Days of birthday dinners and old friends get-together. Days of surprise and impromptu journeys and events. Days of a whole lot more… I love my friends.

Portharcourt with the fellass
FAMSA, Benin Republic

Then I resumed clinicals, and whosoever said it was a chilling year, is a liar. I met the cool and hot doctors, the mean and unmean ones, saw the good, bad and ugly. I learnt everyone could not be saved, no matter how hard you try (some people just come in too late and are far gone beyond saving #sad)and also I learnt (in the clinic) that “everybody is guilty, until proven otherwise”… but in real life “everybody is innocent, until proven otherwise”. Endurance, perseverance and longsuffering is also key.

Endo unit, Jr Med posting 20151228_211049
Endocrinology, at AandE…

In the Kingdom, I also made my impact, hopefully. After so many days of rehearsal and practising, I finally was able to play the role of the bride I was. It wasn’t easy, standing on the altar and dramatizing in front of the whole congregation, but God was faithful and true, we pulled it off well, thanks to my partner (the groom). Also I relented a bit in the things of the spirit, but towards the end I began picking up again. ALL will be WELL.

Cooking competition, Writers Club was 1st

Now, in 2015, I felt every emotion there could be felt. I was sad, happy, excited, scared, fulfilled, disappointed, neglected, felt used, angry, depressed, expectant, praised, appreciated, loved, owned, elated, surprised, dragged, pushed, pulled, forced, liberated, begged,  wore out (to the extent that I lost track of myself, my personal life) and so on #smile… I saw, I learnt, above all I was sharpened and shapened.IMG_20150409_110527

Finally, I give thanks to God Almighty, who made it all possible and easy, cant still believe 2015 ends in less than 36hrs (without any of it consuming me or any part of me), my Mum, My Dad, My friends, sisters, colleagues (senior, junior…), mentors, teachers, roommates amongst others.

Gees 21st Birthday Dinner…


NiMSA Against Gender Based Violence Campaign
MWAN, Sheraton.

I hope that 2016 is better off and more productive. Compliments of the season and happy New Year in advance fellas. And like I would always say, I LURRHH Y’ALL!!!


30. 12. 2015




23 thoughts on “My 2015 journey… it’s been fun all the way”

  1. Awww see my face ! Tbh. Everyday, I thank God for you Kemi. God did it. You were involved in so much , I was so scared for you. But lookatchu!! You’ve met so many people. Gone to so many places !! I am so proud of you and the woman you’ve become. Please ehn. This 2016. Calm down o. Don’t stress yourself. You need to return to the pretty you I know.

  2. wow!….lookatchuuu!! its really amazing how ur journey has progressed this year…and am glad I was able to play a lil part in it. I still remember that night in calabar when u had to do d manifesto 😁😁
    2016 is ur year babe….go for it!!
    we love uuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!😚😚

  3. Wow, 🙂 This is great I’m so impress and happy Awww Kemi. I’m about to close the tab buh I felt a conviction in my heart (you can’t just leave like that) with all this great things you read. I’m so happy for you dear with this your achievements and I’m so sure this just the beginning you are going places. Grace of God will never forsake you in all your endeavours.Love you
    Great 2016

  4. Aunty,your top notch hustle dis year no get part two,always on call to do the KEMI K magic when the need arises.I comot lab coat for you in respect.Your 2015 story is epic,I been wan think say na fiction but I remember I worked with you and it’s all real. KEEP ON REACHING HEIGHTS ‘COS THE LORD HAS GOT YOUR BACK.

  5. You really had an eventful and wonderful year Sis, hope you are prepared for 2016 because this year will surely be multiple fold better. Keep up the hard work.

  6. Wow! Very nice…. I’m very glad to see that you have made a lot of progress. 2016 is another year for you to add on. More grease to your elbow dear

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