This is supposed to trigger a conversation about the salient subject of the way forward with Nigerian graduates and employability.

Some say the government is to blame.

Some say the quality of graduates in Nigeria is on a journey downhill.

What do I say…?

Various factors contribute to the situation of the educational sector and labor market in Nigeria today, which has pulled both inseparable sectors into a controversial state and one way or the other; I believe “we all”  have a role to play.

Starting with the state of education and the quality of graduates we breed in our tertiary institutions today, most are result of “INADEQUACIES”;

On the part of some unserious students who just go to school, get in, get out, make fast money without really learning, studying and be able to either apply or deliver any knowledge accumulated.

Lazy students faith and joy…lol… 

From nonchalant and bad lecturers with the attitude of “I work, I don’t work, I WILL GET PAID”, who make life a living hell for students and kill every form of zeal and encouragement to be a successful and diligent student.

As well as unequipped, low standard and mismanaged schools and their authorities; where the private ones are ridiculously expensive, some below standard, waste their students’ life time and end up producing graduates without intuition. Then the Government schools which are supposed to “rescue”, impose crude laws, order without consideration and lack proper managment in every sense of it; causing exasperation and loss of focus by students and even the authorities.

And the part of everyother person; a relative, a godfather, a colleague and so on in high places and influential positions, who contributes to the furtherance of malpractice and corruption in our nation. They alter, manipulate and turn things around at the detriment of “real” students and graduates opportunity, making a mess of the sector.

Now to the role of “our” Government, are they to blame? I think on the type of graduates we have, they are totally not. “They”, at least fund the ministry of education and other ministries concerned but lag behind on “follow up” of all the released funds and monitoring the execution of projects that are meant to be done Although, some of our people are just sheer gluttons, so covetous and self-centered, no offence intended,but no amount of follow up or monitoring would change this, except they themselves decide to.

Now, About the labor market; they are at least 50% at fault, because our Government lives and feeds on corruption. They have eaten so deep into corruption and Corruption has had its own fair and best share of them, that life almost seem impossible without corruption like we can bribe our way into anything. Where to “get to the top and stay”, you don’t necessarily need a degree or qualification, provided you have the right connection, contact and enough money… you are good to go to any length and height you wish to get to… putting “the real” qualified graduates into jeopardy.

But on the long run, WE are the Government. Yes, you and I are, sad but true. Though not in power but we voted them in and might have an uncle, a brother, a father or any relative up there. So we only can repair what we fault. Also graduates should be creative, acquire skills and be empowered to do other things rather than waste their time waiting for a white collar job that isn’t coming anytime soon.

In conclusion, the society and the government should help, support and encourage graduates for progress and a better Nigeria.




N/B: This was before the regime of “change”.The sequel for the change regime would be out “soon”.



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