In our world today, there are vivid evidence of various natural disasters, health hazards and other man made harmful outbreaks. Let me say, from my own perspective that our humanitarian action and aid “may” be lacking behind or rather “is” especially towards ourselves in the underdeveloped and developing world (Africa).

Humanitarian action are aids for life saving, life transforming and provision of facilities for victimized humans, the less privileged, the inflicted and affected people and communities, thereby returning all disastrous, pandemic, epidemic and endemic cases and situations back to normal.

During the outbreak of Ebola in Africa for instance, although it was well curbed at a later stage in some particular places, its scourge could have really been minimal in the countries were it almost rendered all of them inactive if only they were committed to their humanitarian service and providing proper care to the sick amongst them, rather than leave them on the streets to die faster and enhance the spread of the disease. And really, those places that had control over the outbreak only took their humanitarian action seriously on the long run.

Another example to look at is the HIV/AIDS crisis, it started out very bad and was causing a huge commotion globally but when we were becoming more enlightened and vigilant about it, with the likes of some “FOUNDATIONS” dedicated solely to creating awareness, giving care, counselling, screening and making Antiretroviral Drugs (ARVs) readily available to the affected, came into the picture with their humanitarian services, the crisis was reduced to its minimal source. This are just 2 of the instances were 80% of humanitarian actions, maybe slowly though has been carried out and it helped. 80% because some of us are just so “ignorant” or so “nonchalant” and this is not supposed to be so.IMG-20151213-WA0000

Some other instances are totally or maybe 80% neglected by the aids of humanitarian actions and this is causing a huge set back and lagging behind of the nations. One of these is the homeless children and the orphanages. Even in some parts of the world, the above mentioned cases are also neglected there.

Cases of mortality rate in children are high and still on the increase, as well as amongst women (who are the engines of the society). Sadly, the causes are simple and easily averted things which could have been prevented or nullified, only if we all are up to our humanitarian activities committedly and effectively. And due to this, our society is deeply endangered and our future in jeopardy of extinction. Since our tomorrow leaders and mothers are either homeless, deformed, morbidly sick, uneducated, less cared for, dying or actually dead.

To prevent this derogatory and pathetic situation, we need to enhance and improve our humanitarian actions globally (personally, all some of us needs to do is be your brother’s keeper and all will be well), so as to make our world a better place, more healthy with an improved standard of living and giving.

Humanitarian services should not be limited or biased; it should always be responsive and highly flexible. It effectiveness and sustainability should not be defective. It should also be interrelated and its principles and laws, followed to its every letter. Organisations such as United Nations (UN), World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF amongst others and different countries government have been involved in these activities and are paving ways for the upcoming one.

Therefore, in our own little way as students in training and the small lives and places we can touch as individuals, large places we can reach as a school body and the wide outreach we can make as an international association we can as well render our services to humanity and these should not be forfeited for anything. Because these actions of ours (maybe little, maybe huge) can make a difference and be the change we have been looking forward to, to forge ahead globally as a healthy world.

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Humanitarian action is key in a healthy world and should be a core part, with everyone fully and actively participating, in the standing committee of reproductive health and aids (SCORA) in medical communities. Because if we has medical personals do not set the pace (since it is what we stand for), who will? Let us be wise and save our worlds from extinction.IMG-20151201-WA0005


Oluwakemisola Agoyi (LORA SCORA-NiMSA 2015)



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