MTV/Shuga Concert – On Tour With Shuga in UNILAG

If you did not hear about the MTV/Shuga Concert in school on saturday, May 16, 2015, then, you’ve been left behind. Actually, there is a beginning to this story and if you didn’t know, check to get the gist #smiles. Now, back to what went down at the indoor hall of the University’s Sport complex on that particular saturday…

The concert was scheduled for 4pm, all you needed to attend was a ticket (in form of a hand band in various cute colours) which was FREE and available at New Hall, to as many that wanted to get it. And trust me, even though exams were around the corner and ongoing in UNILAG, students from both in and out the school (YABATECH, FCE…) kept on trooping into the venue. The turnout was quite impressive.

The addmission into the place, was security conscious, fast and orderly (kudos for the non rowdiness). And with your pass, you get a free promo CD as well. Inside, had a whole lot of activities going on; the registration spot, the red carpet spot, the Shuga selfie spot, the auditioning spot, the HIV Counselling and Screening Spot, a sharwama spot (won’t be complete without, check for more details) … different pamphlets and comic books (I particularly like the “No Hoodie, No Honey” comic) were also giving to students to educate them further on HIV/AIDS; its fallacies, truths, prevention and all. They also gave out a flash drive with the complete episodes of the previous Shuga drama season.

Time for the interaction anchored by Ehiz with Emmanuel Ikebese (our very own femi), Sharon Ezeamaka (princess herself) and Timini Egbuson (P.R.O of Fine Boy Association as Ehiz said. P.S. his pride was oozing, can’t help but notice and tell) from the last Shuga drama cast was informating (except for few flaws, can’t help but notice since I’m a medical student). Questions were asked from the audience and answers (not so perfect, the medic in me speaking) by the cast, were given appropriatly to their own understanding and knowledge. Femi even made an offer of 10grand to anyone who could answer his questions… sadly, no one was able to. But don’t we all just love him!

Performances were amazing, like Fola Davids’, a colleague (he is in 500L Medicine and Surgery, also the immediate Ex Mr MEDILAG) thrilled us like he normally does, by drawing a sketch of Patoranking upside down in about 4 minutes.IMG_20150530_201600 Isn’t that just amazing?! Also the DJs took turns to make us turn up…lol. Although on the flyers for publicity of the programs, the features included Live performances by Ice prince, patoranking, Ehiz, DJ Neptune, DJ Humility, Fola DavidAuditions, Mobile testing, Cast Q&A and so on, which they were true to, but as an icing on the cake, they SUPRISED us with the Alaga Ibile himself, one and only Baba Afusa, Reminisce!

All well and good, other acts too came to perform… there was this guy that performed “wiggle”, I’m sorry can’t recall his name, amongst others. Ehiz was a wonderfull host all through the event also and he would always say… “I luurr you guys… I luurr you guys” lol.

All said and done, the day was coming to an end, we all had to go and prepare for our exams on monday amongst other things. Lessons learnt, informations passed, messages heard… We hope it lasts and we follow them. We love you shuga!

And just for some other time, cases or events or concerts… MTV/Shuga crew, please, endeavour to have proper medical personnels around for your Counselling and Screening of HIV/AIDS. Its a very sensitive, medical and confidential matter, as much as we want to make it social (Its safer and better that way).

To stay tuned and get more informed, follow @MTVShuga or #ShugaTour on Twitter or visit and anticipate the next Shuga season series.

I luurrh y’all…. Oluwakemisola Agoyi.IMG_20150530_201555

photo credit to @MTVShuga


3 thoughts on “MTV/Shuga Concert – On Tour With Shuga in UNILAG”

  1. Very impressive write up.. I even wrote one on as well. But this is good.
    Everything covered. Yess. The turn out was impressive but could have been better if it was after exams..also…it made no sense, the the sitting arrangment.. locking the other side so that people would stand in the arena.. in as much as the arena had the most fun.. cos of the whole throwing of clothing items by stars.. a lot of people weren’t cut out for that.

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