To be clean and cautious is a sure way to avert various ailments. Apart from genetically inherited and inborn errors/congenital diseases, most of the present ailments are caused by our neglect and nonchalance towards our hygiene, life style and careful living. Our daily dealings and activities should therefore be governed by clean and positive attitude, towards all things. Application of these attitudes includes:

Personal hygiene: Everyday as humans, we find ourselves involved in one activity or the other which exposes us to a lot of things. We come in contact with various dirty, infectious and unhealthy things, inhaling unclean or contaminated air, contact with dirty people, touching dirty and infected things etc.
Dirt is a gateway to germs and infections; therefore we need to take our personal hygiene serious. Starting from washing of hand regularly (before and after eating, before and after cooking before and after using the toilet and so on. Wash hands when necessary or deemed fit). Proper body and tooth washing (at least once a day, with the right materials/products), appearing in clean outfits and other hygienic activity such as exercise and so on should also be observed.

Home and environmental hygiene: most people take care of their homes but neglect their environment. Forgetting that “charity begins from home”. We should endeavour to keep our homes and environment clean and free from infection all together, in the sense of clearing out drainages (and not contributing to the littering or blockage with dirts), proper waste and sewage disposal, clearing of stagnant waters, cutting down bushes, removal of breeding cobwebs and carrying out all process of environmental sanitation in general. This way, we would be able to control carriers and vectors of diseases such as Lassa fever, Malaria, cholera etc. (by rodents, insects and infectious microbes with their abodes in dirty environment or conditions).

Water and food hygiene: in our modern world today, there are a lot of things to eat. Apart from learning to eat right and eat healthy (not giving involved into many junks and neglecting fruits and vegetables), we need to also pay close attention to the supply and preparation of our edible products. That is, clean utensils for cooking, closely monitored process and preparation of food and water, conducive and effective storage of all edible supplies, consciousness of life span and effective duration of manufactured product (check for expiry date of all products), watch and inspect all fresh and unprocessed food and ingredients before use or consumption and all the likes. If all this precautions are taken, we would be able to avoid food and water contamination or poisoning which could lead to various malaises of the GIT, Cholera, typhoid, dysentery etc.

For precautions, we should be careful and alert in all our dealings, especially in this highly contagious period. Therefore, tips for precaution include:

1. Immunization for children against rampant diseases amongst them e.g. polio

2. Vaccination for yourself and family members e.g. hepatitis B. Caution, wisdom and care in dealing with people, especially the sick ones (to avoid contact diseases).

3. Abstain from all forms of unhealthy sexual activities such as exposure to sex at a young age which can predispose to various cancers, multiple and unhealthy sexual partners and patterns, unprotected sexual activities, homosexuality to avoid all forms of STDs, STIs and as well cancers, which could all lead to death.

4. Modify your life style to a healthy one. Stop all harmful and unhealthy activities to the body for example, intake of tobacco, cigarette, marijuana (with rebranded and modified names such as SK, weed, blunts etc.) and all types of hard drugs and harmful substances should be totally avoided or stopped. This will save many from deterioration of their vital organs, cancers and the likes of it that will eventually lead to death.

5. Be alert and observant. Do regular self-examination, go for medical check-up regularly, notice changes in you, people around you and in your environment, if anything seems wrong call for help and medical attention. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine and an infection or disease detected at an early stage and treated in time saves lives. Don’t wait until the condition is worse and there is no remedy.

Help yourself, help someone else. Cleanliness is next to godliness, so also is Cautiousness next to safety. Be Clean, Cautious and Careful, save a life today and let’s make our world a better place.


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