While I was sitting in my class on this particular hot Wednesday, waiting for the next lecturer and trying to finish up my proposal which should have actually been submitted…lazy me. The Editorial Head of the Association of Medical Student, University of Lagos (AMSUL ‘14) walked in and announced that the legendary, well-loved and known crew of MTV base/SHUGA are around for a campaign and our participations were needed.

The crew set up their spot in the garden between the administrative block of CMUL and the schools’ main auditorium, Tafa Balewa Square (TBS). Some of us where interested and decided to participate. During the course of all the activities, events and scenes shooting, because there where cameras, securities (Restore Security Limited) and so on, I was curious about what was really happening and wanted enlightenment.

So there was interviews and chitchat with key people present at the campaign; which included The Marketing, Relationship and Partnership Manager of the MTV/SHUGA Campaign – Mr Emmanuel Uduma, The Producer – Mr Muchengeti Madhovi and The MTV VJ – Ehiz Ojie.

Q: Can we meet you?

A: My name is Emmanuel Uduma, the Marketing, Relationship and Partnership Manger of the MTV/SHUGA Campaign.

Q: What is the concept behind this MTV/SHUGA campaign?

A: SHUGA (the drama and award winning series) isn’t new. But this campaign is and it is focusing on HIV/AIDS. It is set to reach out to the youths (basically between ages 16 to 24) to war against the rapid increase of HIV and stop the deadly infection before it gets individually to us and encroach the Nation. Majorly, It is a HIV/AIDS Campaign and interaction with youths worldwide. We are in partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MTV Staying Alive Foundation, The US President Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) and States Agencies in charge of HIV/AIDS.

Q: Why in College Of Medicine, University of Lagos first?

A: We are doing a new project and concept for SHUGA (since it’s seasonal), called “ON TOUR WITH SHUGA”. So we are here to get and gather the contents for the program, that is, to do vox-pop about students’ knowledge of SHUGA; what they learnt from it, how it has impacted them and how it had prompted them to do one or more things, like getting tested for HIV and knowing your statues. Also part of the ON TOUR WITH SHUGA Concept are 3 MUSIC FESTIVALS across 3 states in the Nation; Lagos, Calabar and Abuja. All these to have a wide outreach, create awareness and talk to students to make them get tested.

Q: Why COLLEGE, not AKOKA, the main Campus?

A: To reach to LUTH.

Q: What should we expect and look forward to?

A: SHUGA ON TOUR is going to be a massive show but will be announced… stay tuned to or @MTVshuga

Q: From here, where next?


Q: Your final words to students?


Another interview…

Q: Let’s meet you?

A: I’m muche… full name is Muchengeti Madhovi, from Zimbabwe and the producer of MTV/SHUGA ON TOUR.

Q: What brought about the whole concept of the MTV/SHUGA Campaign coming to the school?

A: we are filming a new SHUGA show based on HIV/AIDS awareness. SHUGA is also doing 3 festivals in Lagos, Abuja and Calabar. The show is to promote the festivals.

Q: Why College of medicine?

A: SHUGA fans are asking lots of medical questions. Then we thought; who best can answer all these questions and still, are youths…? No one better than medical students. So here we are in CMUL/LUTH to get answers to our questions and more from our prestigious medical students.

Q: What is your inspiration?

A: In Africa we are have HIV/AIDS pandemic and the only way to survive and exist together as a nation and continent is if we are/remain healthy. I feel this is a way to contribute my own quota, therefore if you can do anything to help spread the word, DO IT.

Q: What next?

A: yeah… a lot. From here now, we are moving to another location… the federal palace hotel.

Q: what are your final words to the students?

A: Doing medicine is difficult; we know it’s not easy. We recognise and encourage you because we need doctors; obviously doctors play a huge role in HIV/AIDS awareness. They prescribe drugs, are involved in counselling and treating… so put your heats to what you are doing, learn well to be great doctors and we appreciate you all.

Lastly, I also got final words to the students from the MTV VJ, Ehiz and he said, “You are in school, make sure you GRADUATE. Keep your heads high, believe in yourself and you can be anything you want to be. Look at me for example, I am a graduate of ENGINEERING from UNIBEN and I’m in the entertainment industry today making rave… you also can do it, don’t limit yourself.

Generally, the MTV base/SHUGA Campaign is about talking to youth, listening to their opinions and learning the impacts of SHUGA on them. Some of the students that participated include; Emeka MBBS 200L, Elizabeth O. 300L MBBS, Sandra G. MBBS 300L, Okoya Seun MBBS 300L, Victor Pharmacy 500L, Leye MBBS 600L, Sandra MBBS 600L.

Issues, questions and answers discussed include;

1. STIGMATIZATION and DISCRIMINATION… We know about it, learn and teach about it. We have the head knowledge but do we really practise it?

2. How HIV/AIDS is transmitted or not…? Not through sex alone. There are other means of transmissions… through sharps, blood transfusion, Mother-child transmission and so on.

3. Is oral sex safe sex? In regards to HIV/AIDS, maybe a bit safe but there are other disease that can be transmitted during oral sex e.g. HPV, Herpes etc.

4. Is it safe to use 2 or more condoms at once during sexual intercourse? Of course not. Though might sound logical, 2 is better and stronger than 1 but scientifically, it is foolish. Because friction will make the condoms break faster.

5. Do mosquitoes transmit HIV/AIDS? No. never. Or at least not now, maybe in centuries to come they might. The mosquitoes are actually not wired to do so.

And many other contributions and discussion. For follow up and more information on the MTV/SHUGA Campaign, SHUGA the drama seasonal, SHUGA ON TOUR, the MUSIC FESTIVAL and on HIV/AIDS and all, visit or @MTVShuga. Remember; SPREAD THE WORD, NOT THE VIRUS.




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