Listen to me!

I scream

I shout

Sadly, I turn to the wall

and bang on the pillar…

but t’was only me.

No one is near

No one to hear

No soul is listening to me.

I turned around,

Lonely, sank down

And sat on the floor…

To face the world

And again, maybe again

Stand up to reality.

Still by myself

I embark on a sololique

Started a monologue

But still no one to dialogue with

Suddenly I couldnt take it anymore

I was fed up of listening to my own voice

over and over again

Like a stuck repeat song on replay.

I wanted someone to listen

An individual to reply me.

Would someone come to aid pls

Would someone just hear my cry

and just listen to my pleas

Could someone look through the mist and see my tears.

Could someone, just someone, just try.

Try, Reach forth to me and listen


2 thoughts on “Listen to me!”

  1. I listened from afar

    I heard the sounds of your thoughts

    I felt the vibes of your pain

    So here’s me reaching out

    Here, here’s my hand

    Hold my hand, let’s take a walk

    Let’s take a walk to serenity

    Somewhere were hearts talk

    Somewhere were hearts listen

    Here, here’s my hand

    Hold my hand and let’s fly

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