With reference to the previous relative post, “Going back to their EX”. We think that was funny? But this is the bomb. Actually, recent developments in Nigeria never cease to amaze me, especially when it’s a sager between the government and the people (#Think about a battle against oneself, smh#).
Considering the drama going on in Ekiti and environs, I still wonder where we are heading to in Nigeria governance as a whole. After the whole election scenario some time back, and the people of the prestigious state decided to give uncle Ay a second chance and voted him in (I want to believe that the Ekiti-ites didn’t think of his past and cons, thought he would have changed for the better or turn a new leaf and then decided to give him a trial..) he still went ahead to pay them back with riots and mayhem. The exact opposite of all what they bargained for.
Well, the situation presently in Ekiti suddenly went from calm to turbulent (I seriously feel for the masses of Ekiti, now the poor people can no longer go to their farms quietly and eat their pounded yam happily and peacefully… #smh#, I hope curses doesn’t rain on him…). And has rumours would have it, our Excellency, uncle Ay is at the root or has something to do with it (I don’t know ooo, but what I know is that at a point doing the election… I heard someone, somewhere say that uncle Ay is a thug. Like I said, I don’t know oo #justSaying#).
But on my own opinion; why would someone trust you with something big, even when you had f*cked up bad, the first time you were supposed to handle it and you still do the same f*cked up mistake??! (#JustAskingTho#). Why put thorns on couch for people who sacrificed their seats for you? Or pretend to help them, when you really have nothing to offer, just selfish aim!
Anyways, Nigeria is a great nation with great people who “Learn To Live or Adapt” or “Have To Live” with the various choices (and mistakes, as the case may be) we made. And like I always say, we are the government of Nigeria (yes! you and I, either directly or indirectly, we are involved!). If Nigeria’s situation or governance would improve and our democracy would worth what it is, you and I have lots of work to do… because it all lies in our hands.
A word is enough for the wise… (That’s all I am saying #LipsSealed#).
I, hereby rest my case…
Peace be unto you, Peace be unto me,
Peace be unto Ekiti, Peace be unto Nigeria.




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