We are single and proud!!!
Can I get a witness to that?!
“Sighs” #Disappointed.
Guess not as I expected…
But really, am I single and proud?
Come to think of it,
Been single isn’t a disease.
And after all not as bad as people portray it to be.
Let’s see some instances…

I am a girl.
In my teenage years, single and proud.
Not because I can’t have or get what other have.
But then I am different, smart and chic,
And don’t just go for what everyone else is running after.
Don’t get me wrong #winks#…

I am a single child,
Not born as a twin,
No brother, no sister.
If you think it’s easy or indulgence,
Try living with so much expectation from you.
I am single, not alone.
proud of me and of my parents.
I’m single and I am proud.

I am a lady.
A lady with class and dignity.
I am single, true.
Not lonely either… but proud.
You know why?
Because I know what I want,
I know what I stand for,
And won’t bend a bit to get anything less than that.

I am an independent woman.
I don’t need to lean on anyone or beg.
I got my back.
This might make me single and struggling, but then…
I am proud of myself! (No offensive pride intended)
Single, proud and getting ahead.

I am a parent,
A single mom to be precise.
You might under look me
But don’t undermine me.
I do the work of two and go through a lot.
I am strong and I am proud of me and my babies.

I am an entrepreneur.
I labour day in day out for me, myself and i.
Not self-centred but work better on my own.
As my team, I am single and proud of my work.
I am a sole entrepreneur.

I am a soul singer.
Not that I am over confident in myself.
Expressing me with my lyrics is all I’m doing.
Just me, my musical instrument and I.
I am single, getting heard and proud…

I am a writer.
Though diverse in all I write,
But then it’s my passion,
Me believing in “variety is the spice of life”, Single handedly.
And that’s no small job!
So I am a SINGLE writer and proud.

I am a teacher.
I solely take a class of different kids yearly.
I teach them, imbed in them and build them.
And I do this, all by myself.
I am single in this and totally proud of myself and my students.

And so on and so forth…
We all are single in one way or the other in this life,
And that doesn’t make us sick or less good than others with “help”.
We are just able to handle things alone; some by “choice”, others by “no choice”.
But definitely, not lonely!
Therefore, in our various walks of life,
Someone, Somehow, somewhere…
We Are Single And Proud!!!
Can I get a witness to that?!
Hiyeahhyy!!!… Yes! better than before…
So you see, it’s really not the worst thing on earth or the end of the world.
#TeamSingleAnd Proud.



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