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It is so unfortunate that Christians have joined the world in been realistic. Faith is not realistic. The Israelites were not realistic when they crossed the red sea on dry land, They were not realistic when they marched round the wall of Jericho and it fell flat, Even when Phillip was realistic saying ‘’ 5 loaves of bread and two fishes couldn’t feed the 5 thousand people’’ the faith in Jesus was not realistic and they all eat to their satisfaction.
I then ask myself, where did we (Christians) get realism from? Where have we thrown the faith of old? Faith is not only by words but by works. Beloved even thou realism says you can’t make it, faith says ‘’ IT IS POSSIBLE’ ’Even thou realism says the tunnel is so dark, faith says ‘’ LIGHT WILL BREAKFORTH AT THE END’’.
Believer, you are a faith being. Realism operates…

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