Malaria is one of the highest cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa. In terms of vulnerability, it mostly affects pregnant women and children. To reduce the effect of this disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) has fixed every 25th of April to celebrate World Malaria Day.
To reach out to the community around us, Association of Medical Students, UNILAG (AMSUL) organized an outreach to idi-araba community on the 26th of April, the venue was idi-araba community secondary school. It was sponsored by LIRS and Mushin Local government and Lagos state Ministry of Health.
Volunteers were basically Medicine and surgery students from various levels, i.e 200 – 600 level.
Activities included Health education, free health check up, giving of free drugs, distribution of free mosquito nets to pregnant women and children under 5 children.
The free health check up included services like, Blood pressure check, Height and weight for Body Mass Index (BMI). Children were examined for Polio and Jaundice as well. Another team participated in the Health walk which went from street to street to educate the community members on Malaria consequences and prevention.
The medical officer of Health, Mushin Local Government Area and Officials of LIRS joined the walk as well.
The event was well appreciated by the Baale of Idi-araba community and other influential members of the community. In the end, the event was a huge success.
And by the way, the long awaited and anticipated AMSUL programme of the year is officially just around the corner… AMSUL HEALTH WEEK 2014. It is scheduled for the last week in september. AMSULites and the whole of CMUL/LUTH is waiting. We “the lions” are back!!!


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