As she came across the road and down the lane…
There was something different and spectacular about her
Her parade was a head turner.
The people around couldn’t resist her charm.
They all had to succumb and have another glimpse of her grace.
But amazingly, on the second proper look at her;
She had bright smile on,
She was radiating,
But also properly cladded and appropriately covered in all parts…
No cleavage out,
No extreme contour shape revealed,
Thighs not exposed.

All was elegantly placed under her beautiful dress
And life was bubbling around her.

You can be beautiful and not scandalous
You can appear in an attire; all covered up and still look gorgeous.
You can put on a dress, not seductively revealing anything and still be appealing.

You can look perfect and your face will simply be made up with smile and grace.
You can make and leave a statement, all with your eloquence.
You can be colourful and not be a charade of paintings.

True beauty comes from within.
Real beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.
What you wear just package, presents and brands you.
And surely you will be addressed the way you are dressed.

True beauty lies in Godliness, calmness.
And expressing this beauty undiluted and uncompromised is a level of maturity.
Maturity in all ramifications;
Mentally, Emotionally, Morally and Spiritually in GOD.



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