I might be, to you, a flirt;
But I’m definitely not a slut.
You can call me a bitch?…
Then you, are a bigger bitching dog!

Though I’m here with you, flirting
Doing as I’m told by you… and ‘cope”ing”‘
It’s all just me tolerating…
All is, but acting.
A thing i wanted
A thing I’m good at
A thing i freaking do
‘Cause i so can act!

Well, when i see you I’m taken aback
Yeah, the sight of you make me shiver,
But (trust me) you ain’t embedded in me;
No, not in me!
Even though I make you feel like a special pack
And treat you as one,
I’m not into you; and don’t think I’ll ever be.
All is just in respect, for u, from me.
Really, I so can pretend.

Yes! I might have let you flirt with my body
But I never gave you my body.
Ohh! Did you actually think I gave you my body?
Or I surrendered my total being to you?
HE** NO! It was all…playing, all flirting…
Since we had no relationship,
Nothing near friendship.
All we shared, i guess, was flirtationship.
Even though you saw me unclothed,
I never let you see me naked.
Even though you felt my skin against yours,
It was all just a “passing thing’’;
A mirage sensation…
A deceiving passion.

Even though I’m ever pole dancing,
With you, I’ll be polemical.
When I’m going gaga clubbing,
I’ll make you believe I’m lyrical…
It’s all part of the pretense, baby!
Now, listen to my summat…
This, is my summit –
The pretense is about U and ME.
U pretend, I pretend.
But, I’m the Queen of Pretenses.
All I give you and let you see is “My Poker Face”;
And it acted and played well on all your senses,
Putting me, “in the Ace”… .

Even though you think you are such “a Player”,
Hey! I’m winning and you are the Looser 😉
Because with all the contention and intentions,
Putting me as the lead and causing many complications…
I’ve now become an Enigma
And the Queen of Drama; that I am.



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