From the beginning to recent times, when we hear the word “psychiatric”, “psychiatrist” or anything related to “psychiatry”, what prompts up in most of our minds is “madness”. And some of us even conclude stark madness. But I stand to oppose and correct these/such thought and superstition.
Psychiatry is actually the medical speciality concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment, prevention of mental abnormalities, disorders and disabilities. Just like psychology (though a bit different from psychiatry) in the lay man words, deal with the human mind, brain, soul and spirit. So we see, they both do not necessarily imply total madness of with roaming the street type of picture we paint.
Truthfully, no living human in this universe is 100% mentally healthy (research proven). Because at one time or the other in our lives we’ve all had issues and gone through situations which had left imprints in our different worlds. Some people manage them well, some suppress them well, some are good at repressing them but others cannot handle them, so they just freak out and loose it all.
All this reactions to life’s circumstances constitute our mental strength and mental health, and these results into who we are and what we become. So like having malaria and visiting the physician for care and cure, we should make it a point of duty to visit the psychiatrist if need be a psychologist for mental check-up and well-being, when going through tedious phases in life and during mental illness and at least twice in a year.
Mental illness is any situation that moves your mind from it peaceful and normal state, it could be Depression (minor or major), Frustration, Infidelity, Rejection, Oppression, Anxiety, isolation, indecision, Emotional stress, Inferiority complex…up to things like schizophrenia, paranoia, hallucination, bipolarity, insanity and so on. But people in these situations constantly make the mistake of keeping mute and not taking the necessary step of seeing a Doctor a.k.a. Psychiatrist about it, which is not right.
Although there are the thoughts of “how do I explain”, “what do I say”, “who do I tell”, “who will listen”, “what would they think”, “what would they say”, “what would they do” and so on… but there are people who are solely trained to listen to any and all types of troubles you can ever have, think of or imagine, (with discretion and confidentiality).
These people are the Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Counsellor, Therapist, Social workers and they are all ever available to make life easier and work for you through anything. Don’t keep quiet about your problems; don’t keep your troubles to yourself, save yourself and others by saying it out, help yourself and make it a priority to keep one as a friend today because they listen.




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