Just like in the garden of Eden,

She was fallen by a Man and

She was the downfall of many men.


A girl full of life;

with varieties of fruits.

she was calm as the ocean tides

and turbulent as the sea waves.


Captured as a teenage girl;

fought all she could for her freedom.

But later, had to succumb to the sabotage


she almost gave up on herself

but kept on hoping, planning and patiently waiting

for the designated time of liberty.


Away from the comfort of home,

She made her cage, her prison, a place to live – Home.

She kept on living, knowing one day she’ll leave.


She silently endured all the pain.

Stoically performed all her duties and worked hard.

she patiently lived, laughed and coped with her counterparts.


she began to wage,

she built her weapon with trust, wisdom

and the skills of a woman she had become.


She paved her way with hardwork,

made her path with diligence,

and taking each step with courage and strenght.


Finally, when the opportunity for freedom came,

At a second chance at life, she ceased it tactically

and bravely made her exit, with set out plans.


She never misused any glimpse of opportunity

Always clinging to each chance with vigour

and doing whatever needs to be done, inspite.


At the end, she fought and conquered her way through all

She overcame her fears, her sorrows, her pains and her bondage.

Finally, she got her life back; A new life of Hope and Freedom.

Eden… now a lady…

Started as a girl who never let herself down,

even in shame and filth, she stood up high,

made her way and left her footprints in the sand of time.


Dedicated to all the young girls out there who are victims of human trafficking. This is to give HOPE…



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